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The Family Standard: Holding Our Work to the Highest Level

Posted by ImageFIRST on Mar 16, 2017 10:52:14 AM

We wouldn’t give your patients something we wouldn’t give to our own family.

That’s our standard. The same amount of effort that we’d put into making a birthday cake for a parent or planning a going-away party for a sibling goes into ensuring that each and every piece of linen that leaves our facilities is fit for the medical practices and patients that will use it.

For us, patient care is never a question of “good enough;” it’s a question of how it can be even better. Keeping that in mind, we strive to pioneer new practices that impress patients and medical staff alike. Our infection prevention processes are OSHA, CDC, ANSI/AAMI and HLAC compliant, meaning that they follow the country’s most stringent guidelines for patient safety. We follow these guidelines because we want to raise the bar even higher for what healthcare facilities can expect from a medical laundering service provider.

How do we raise the bar?

Our Triple Bioshield Protection® Process goes beyond “hygienically clean” to disinfect linen for the highest level of assurance. The entire process kills up to 99.999% of bacteria, making our linens some of the safest in the industry. To ensure that linens stay safe, a BacStat Bioshield bacteria-inhibitor coating is applied, stopping bacteria from spreading if it should come into contact with any of our healthcare bed supplies in Lagrange, GA or throughout the state and country.

While our primary efforts are in ensuring the safest possible products for medical staff and patients, we also look to make the best impression on patients and healthcare professionals with high-quality linens that look as good as they feel. Our “bright white” standard ensures that our bed and bath linens have a pristine appearance so that patients and staff are assured of how clean they are – no 50 shades of gray here! Our family standard comes into effect on the cosmetic side as well -- we wouldn’t send a patient gown to a customer that we wouldn’t be satisfied seeing our own family members in while they receive care.

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