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The Difference Between a Delivery Driver and a Service Partner

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jun 27, 2017 8:00:00 AM

Have you ever received a delivery only to be met by a driver who really just wanted to get on to the next job on the list? In the medical industry, it is important to take note of the discrepancy between a simple delivery driver and a long-term service partner.

This is precisely why ImageFIRST doesn’t hire mere delivery drivers to drop off products like patient gowns and scrub uniforms in Lagrange, GA. Instead, we hire dedicated representatives who are vested in our client’s success. Our focus is on the person who is using the linen we provide, rather than the mere task of fulfilling the job. We call these caring and dedicated representatives Customer Advocates.

Through their empathic relationships with customers, our Customer Advocates end up building long-term partnerships with staff members at the facilities we serve. Empathy brings people together and makes the world a much brighter place.

Examples of Why Empathy Matters

  1. An Act of Kindness

At ImageFIRST’s Chicago North location, one of the office’s clients had a patient who had been dealing with mental health issues that ultimately left him homeless. Instead of turning a blind eye, the medical facility’s nursing staff continued to care for the patient by taking turns washing his clothing at home. Once Lisa, ImageFIRST’s senior account executive, heard this story, she chose to act. ImageFIRST began to organize a pickup and delivery for the patient’s clothing each week. The impact this simple act had on him, with the help of the office’s management team and the client’s Customer Advocate, is certainly something remarkable.

  1. Dispelling Worry

A client from ImageFIRST’s Dallas location recently passed along a brief, but moving email regarding what a Customer Advocate did for her facility: Filling the blanket warmer with blankets. She expressed that ImageFIRST’s habit of going above and beyond grants her the ease of mind knowing day-to-day they always have enough linen. Receiving appreciation of this caliber means a lot and goes a long way for both parties.

ImageFIRST pursues an empathetic approach to all aspects of our business, integrating it in even the minutest ways. By doing so, we hope to spread as much kindness as we can, influencing others along the way and making our medical uniform linen service in Tallahassee a remarkable one for our clients, their staff and their patients.