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Contribution and Education for a Better Future

Posted by ImageFIRST on Jun 22, 2016 11:35:14 AM

It’s often said that children are our collective future. It’s a cliché, yes, but those words carry with them a reminder of the value accrued by investing in youth.

So what is the greatest investment one can make in their and other’s children? The greatest investment of all: education.

Our schools are one of our greatest infrastructures. Every single child born in the U.S. is afforded the opportunity to receive an education; yet, those public and private institutions are always in need of greater materials and resources to enrich the lives of young minds.

So how does ImageFIRST contribute to a greater future? By putting our money where our mouth is.

Recently, the associates at ImageFIRST North Carolina participated in a community giving event with Allen Jay Preparatory Academy. The associates there spent time with the students, learning their traditions like their morning rally (similar to what we do in our production huddles). Every associate was involved in collections for the school, accruing a $250 donation. In addition to the donation, ImageFIRST North Carolina provided uniforms for the students, lightening the financial burden on the families of the students attending.

For us, medical linen service in Atlanta, GA is about providing a product and a service, but it’s also about enriching the community that we work in. When we donate our time and resources to a school or charity, it isn’t about taking a picture—it’s about fostering a future, one that is measurably greater for everyone in it.

At ImageFIRST Atlanta, we imagine a future in which education and creativity fuel greater innovation in every field. Whether it’s a better way to deliver and stock healthcare uniforms in Lagrange, GA, or the technology to further enrich the patient care experience, we’ve worked hard to innovate in our field and by the most modest accounts, we’ve succeeded.

By investing in our community, we’re enriching the future, not only of the neighborhoods and cities in which we work, but in the future of our medical care in general. 

Allen Jay Preparatory Academy’s mission statement is “Education Through Creativity.” In our mind, that’s a worthy cause.